Camerino, somewhere as great as it’s passion for fresh egg pasta

24 March 2016

Everything starts with an action, first observed, then learned and lastly handed down in keeping with tradition. An action…. performed by the Marchigian grandmother when she makes the dough, when the egg and flour are mixed together with loving expertise to create an exceptional, genuine and unforgettable taste. It is on this memory that the goodness and enjoyment of such a unique product as La Pasta di Camerino is based, on an authentic action that is the natural response to a hundred-year-old culinary culture.

The secret of the grandmother pasta makers of bygone times is hidden in the golden dough, processed and then extruded through bronze dies. Our rough and porous pasta is ideal for all types of sauce and makes any first course a masterpiece of haute cuisine. In our soul one passion rules, the same one that we harbour in our genes and that urges us on every time in a constant quest for quality. This is why we select only the finest durum wheat semolina and the freshest eggs, strictly class A.

Our pasta is made in the factory at Torre del Parco, Camerino, because as well as being an exceptional region and the land of our birth, Le Marche is a predominantly agricultural region where home-made pasta has always been a symbol of the family, wellbeing and happiness, as well as a staple diet. Today, our occupation would not exist without our strong links with this territory, this place full of resources and raw materials, when care and attention to quality are values that make the Marchigian gastronomic tradition stand proud.

Ours is a tradition that we carry in our hearts and from our hearts to the table, to guarantee all our consumers a product that’s 100% Italian and as good as ever it was.