La Pasta di Camerino is the main brand of the Entroterra spa Group. Starting out as a small artisan workshop, year by year the group has grown to scale the heights of the domestic and foreign markets; today it has 40 employees and a production of around 200 quintals of pasta every day. As well as dryed egg pasta, voted the Italian pasta with the best quality/price ratio, the company also produces pasta made from durum wheat semolina and organic farro pasta.

The brand

The La Pasta di Camerino brand takes its name from the city where the Maccari family live and work, the owners and directors of the company. It refers to an ancient tradition typical of these parts: the art of home-made pasta.

This daily ritual, which enthused Gaetano Maccari, founder and managing director of the company so much when he was a boy, has today been transformed by the family into a product of excellence, the result of a combination of artisan methods and modern technologies


The Maccari family’s great achievement has been that of having kept the links with its territory of origin intact, producing a pasta like the one which so many Marchigian grandmothers have handed down to their grandchildren: only fresh eggs and top quality flour, no water or additives, extruded through bronze dies and dried slowly at low temperature.


The styles of pasta chosen by the company are also those typical of this area, just like their colour, aroma and texture: everything according to tradition, so as not to forget the taste and flavours of times gone by and to allow them to accompany us in our best days, both present and future.


Somewhere as great as its culinary tradition, where living and eating well are basic values for the Marchigian lifestyle; what’s more Le Marche is one of the regions of Europe where life expectancy is the longest. An unbreakable bond ties the company to these parts, full of history, tradition and genuine beauty.