Italy’s most coveted prize: taste of the year 2016!

26 March 2016
Sapori dell'anno

La Pasta di Camerino wins the Taste of the Year 2016, a truly important endorsement for the food industry, awarded to the Italian company that stands out from the rest for the quality of its products.

But what makes us proudest, and something that many may not know, is that it was the consumers themselves who voted us the winner!

So just how is this prestigious recognition awarded? A panel of consumers is asked to sample by means of a “blind” tasting test, in other words without knowing the brand, the products of different companies from the same food sector and to rate the taste, appearance, consistency and aroma. It was on the basis of these criteria, fundamental for fresh egg pasta, that La Pasta di Camerino was judged the best! Nothing more satisfying for those who, like us, do their job with enthusiasm and professionalism.

But if all this has been possible, it is all down to your efforts.

Thank you!