La Pasta di Camerino, tastes to remember

24 March 2016
Uovo in farina

Tastes to remember is a payoff that encapsulates the essence of what we do and who we are, because it is the best expression of our origins that will never be forgotten. Everything stems from an action: that of making the dough, rolling it out and cutting it, an art that Grandmother Maccari skilfully passed down to her grandchildren.

This is a ritual that took place every day in the house, because there was no money to buy pasta, and one which today we carry with us in our hearts, binding us to a hundred-year-old tradition.

Imagine a kitchen from bygone times, a table in the middle and a mother who, with eggs and flour, prepares the dough for making tagliatelle and soups … What else could a boy born into such healthy, genuine and clean conditions have done in adult life? Dedicate himself completely, heart and soul, to making to quality pasta obviously!

– Gaetano Maccari

Today, thanks to new technologies and the choice of high quality materials such as first choice wheat and class A eggs, we can say we have perfected that ancient art to share it with you…

These are the tastes to remember: the real, genuine ones, of which every Marchigian grandmother would be proud. Our payoff is not intended to be nostalgic however, because we are everything but: it is instead a celebration of the present, of the happiness that a bowl of pasta can bring in the company of those we love, it is the ability to look towards the future with joy and certainty because we know our origins and therefore our potential.

As an old philosopher once said: we are seated on the shoulders of giants (the pasta makers of the past who helped to make fresh egg pasta special) and now, because of them, we can see further and make products that are just as good and worthy of their respect, while maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio.

We select only the finest raw materials and processing methods that keep the taste unaltered, such as slow drying and at low temperature, with extrusion through bronze dies; certain stages in the processing are still carried out by hand.

The memory of those genuine tastes is therefore very important for us, because it allows us to look to the future and be certain to bring only top quality products to the table.