LA PASTA di CAMERINO is the Flavor of the Year: 2017

19 June 2017
Riconoscimento sapore dell'anno 2017 La Pasta di Camerino

We are excited to announce that for 2017, Pasta di Camerino has once again been chosen as Flavor of the Year!

Our company has now received this recognition for two years running. “Flavor of the Year” is an important award for great quality. This certification makes us all the more proud, as it shows that despite the tough times we’ve faced after the terrible earthquake that shattered our region in Italy, we continue to deliver high-quality products with the same passion and commitment that we’ve always shown. For us, one thing remains of utmost importance: the opinion of those people for whom we produce our pasta. This recognition is therefore even more valuable, because it comes to us right from them.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, the “Flavor of the Year” prize is awarded by a jury of consumers through a “blind taste test”: the jurors are made to taste products from different companies (without the brand being visible in any way) and then they are asked to make a judgment based on various indicators such as taste, appearance, consistency and smell. And once again this year, our egg pasta was deemed, among all those tasted, the best!

Receiving this quality certificate for 2017 is therefore a great achievement for us, and we like to consider it recognition of our business philosophy: selection of only the best ingredients, traditional, slow and accurate production, respect for the territory and the preservation of its own authentic flavors.

We are certain that this recognition will please those who already know us, as a reinforcement of their good judgment. We also want to thank those who continue to choose us for always pushing us to do better and better.

We wish you a great 2017 filled with lots of good pasta.