Lights, Camera, Action! The new La pasta di Camerino advert soon to be on tv

7 March 2016
Pranzo di famiglia

A new advertising campaign is about to be launched called “#Saporidaricordare” (tastes to remember). Starting on Monday 14 it will be aired on the Italian RAI channel. In particular, the advert will be shown during certain key daytime TV shows such as La Prova del Cuoco, Tg2 Mattina, Elisir and during evening programs such as Affari tuoi.

So what’s the new advert about? Simply the unmistakable taste of tradition! Happiness will take centre stage because thanks to the exquisite Camerino fresh egg pasta it’s easy to bring good cheer to the table; it only takes a moment to turn a memory into a reality. The authentic and never forgotten tastes that grandmother knows so well, together with the company of those we love and a satisfying bowl of fresh egg pasta; these are the secret ingredients for creating happiness.

After all, we really don’t need a reason to share a special moment with those we love, any time is a good time for transforming a normal day into a special occasion. Because as the sweet old and wise Marchigian grandmother in the advert reminds us, we just need to remember to be happy!

Happy viewing!