Rita’s Quadrucci

19 May 2016
Piatto di quadrucci in rita

Ingredients for 4 people:

250 gr. La Pasta di Camerino quadrucci n:12
1 medium onion
3 cherry tomatoes (cut into four)
2 potatoes (peeled and cut into cubes)
1 aubergine (cut into cubes and unpeeled)
300 gr. mixed mushrooms (cleaned and cut into large pieces)
grated pecorino cheese (or alternatively grana padana)
extra virgin olive oil to taste
salt to taste
pepper to taste


Pour the oil into a casserole dish and fry lightly the finely chopped onion. Add the mushrooms, aubergine, cherry tomatoes and lastly the potatoes. Add salt and mix the ingredients well. Leave to cook on a low heat with a lid on for 10 minutes. Add 5 cups of water, bring to the boil and pour in the quadrucci. Add salt and pepper, cook the pasta fully, following the directions given on the packet. If you prefer a thinner soup, add another cup of water. Serve with a good sprinkling of grated pecorino cheese and accompany with slices of bruschetta bread.

Confezione di quadrucci numero 12 da 250 grammi