#Saporidaricordare: snaps of happy memories!

24 February 2016
Coppia di ragazzi che prepara un primo piatto di pasta

«#Sapori da ricordare: snaps of happy memories» is a Instagram challenge eaturing fresh egg pasta where taste and creativity come together. The aim is to immortalise the special moments spent around the table and depict them through original photos. It’s important to put the accent on tradition, italian cuisine and to remember the feast days spent with a fine bowl of pasta on the table, maybe with the family, maybe with friends or with that special someone in your life. Who doesn’t remember the taste of the Lasagne that grandmother made on Sundays and the aroma of those special days? All you need to do is share it…

The challenge starts on Monday 7th March and ends on Friday 25th: 12 photos will be chosen and included in an online recipe book, but in the final analysis only one will be the winner, the one that best expresses the magic of the #saporidaricordare (tastes to remember). The prize will be a free gift from La Pasta di Camerino.

To take part all you have to do is make one of your favourite dishes and capture the moment on film, which could be while you’re preparing it or when it’s served up on the table or maybe when it’s being eaten. The important thing is that it is in keeping with the theme of the challenge.

The contest will be run in conjunction with IgersItalia and this will allow La Pasta di Camerino to make direct contact with all its fans on Instagram. Lovers of Marchigian fresh egg pasta will be able to put their culinary skills and creativity to the test.

The time has come to get to work and remember, get busy with that pasta!